Surrey 3

Our client inherited the extensive plot with a donor property that had originally been the stable block for the large adjacent house.


Our clients Design Brief requested that the accommodation needed to be light and airy as well as being flexible enough to cater for the frequent visits from his family who live abroad.

Due to previous subsidence problems of the donor property, the siting of the replacement dwelling was a major consideration for our Design Studio as well as taking into account the occasional golf ball with the plot being situated at the side of a golf course!


With the plot being in Green Belt, obtaining planning permission was never going to be easy. The first application was refused on size and massing; our Design Studio needed to make sure our client ended up with the accommodation that he required but that the Planners would find acceptable.

The solution came in the form of getting planning approval for the size of property that the Planners would accept and then starting work on site.  Once the dwelling reached the weathertight stage, we went back to the Planners under Permitted Development for a single storey extension at the rear of the property.


Careful co-ordination between D&M Homes and the main contractor on this project was essential as gaining access for delivery of plant and materials to site would have been problematic had it not been for careful management. Being situated in woodlands with a large tree in the middle of the driveway, four wheel rigid vehicles were used with certain items having to be off loaded on the road side and the builder then having to use his dumper truck to transport it to the site itself.

As you can see from the photographs, work is now progressing well on site and the client is expecting to move in early in the summer.

  • House Size272 m²
  • ClientsMr Purcell