D&M Homes were asked by to provide some advice on which structural system self builders should choose. For the full article, click on the link below: Read more … Self Build Structural Systems    
There is a lot to think about when building your own dream home, especially if it is for the first time. Making choices to create your energy efficient home does not have to be that difficult. But those choices must meet both your needs and your budget. At D&M Homes we have a long design


The D&M Homes Materials Department goes to great lengths to provide a high level of service especially when it comes to pre-ordering materials, monitoring and final delivery. It is essential to ensure that materials are delivered to our sites in good time so that our network builders and sub-contractors have them available to install, and


D&M Homes were asked by Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine to provide some “Top Tips” for Self Builders. Some of our comments were published in the August 2018 edition, and these are shown in full below: Read more … Top Tips from DM – for WebSite

Concrete Staircases

Our Materials Manager, Dan looks at the growing popularity of concrete staircases. For more than 20 years we have, as standard, supplied concrete upper floors with solid walls throughout to our clients. The feedback from our clients is that their new homes are extremely quiet and have that unmistakable feel you only get with a

Choosing the right people

Our Regional Architect, Mike Morris discusses the importance of choosing the right people to help you with your project When building your own home you will need the help of a range of industry experts. Typically this will include architect/designer, land surveyor, structural engineer, energy consultant and builder. Depending on your plot you may also need a soil investigation,

Choosing your windows

Our Designer Beverley discusses the importance of choosing the right windows for your design Along with roof and external wall finishes, the choice of windows is an important decision for those building their own home. If you are building a period design for example Georgian, that decision is probably made for you as all-bar sliding sash windows (see top image opposite) are the natural choice. For contemporary / modern designs the most popular choice is aluminium, either all aluminium or composite

Glazing options

Our Materials Manager, Dan looks at the options for glazing your new home When building your own home your choice of windows and patios is one of the key decisions you will make. There are so many types and styles to choose from but you also have options for the glazing itself. Single glazing was replaced many years ago by double glazed units which are now the most popular type of glazing. There is also the option of triple glazing but that is quite expensive and usually only specified in conjunction with Passive Principl

Finding the right builder

Our Project Coordinator Ian talks about how you go about finding a suitable builder Finding the right builder to construct your new home is no easy task. You naturally want a reliable builder with a proven track record who can provide the quality you are seeking to achieve. However, not surprisingly, good builders are usually in demand and conversely unreliable builders are the ones scratching around for work. There are three main aspects to building a new home; quality, price and speed of construction.