Choosing the right people

Our Regional Architect, Mike Morris discusses the importance of choosing the right people to help you with your project

When building your own home you will need the help of a range of industry experts. Typically this will include architect/designer, land surveyor, structural engineer, energy consultant and builder. Depending on your plot you may also need a soil investigation, tree report, ecology survey or the input of other specialists and it’s normal practice to leave your architect to identify and deal with the third parties on your behalf.

But it’s for you to choose your architect/designer and it is important you make the right choice. You will need someone who has the experience and flair to create a design that satisfies all the relevant factors; your plot, the planning situation, your aspirations/pattern of living and of course the budget. It’s a big decision so here is a tick list you should find helpful.

  • Take your time and do your research
  • Ensure they can provide you with the service you need
  • Can you work with the person and communicate well?
  • Discuss timescales
  • State clearly what your budget is
  • Establish what the charges will be for their service
  • Take up references

Mike Morris BA (Hons) Dip Arch
Regional Architect