Finding the right builder


Achieving a high standard of build like the examples illustrated above, doesn’t happen overnight and builders capable of those high standards are usually in demand. Worth bearing in mind when you’re comparing builders’ tenders.


Our Project Coordinator Ian talks about how you go about finding a suitable builder

Finding the right builder to construct your new home is no easy task. You naturally want a reliable builder with a proven track record who can provide the quality you are seeking to achieve. However, not surprisingly, good builders are usually in demand and conversely unreliable builders are the ones scratching around for work. There are three main aspects to building a new home; quality, price and speed of construction. Typically you can only hope to achieve any two of those. For example if the builder has a reputation for high quality and he is promising a speedy build programme, then don’t be surprised if his quote is not the cheapest. I typically tender to 5 or 6 builders (sometimes more) on behalf of our clients as the amounts quoted tend to vary, sometimes quite significantly as does builders’ availability to start on site. In busy times I will identify builders as early as the planning stage and begin a dialogue with them. Carefully prepared, detailed tender documents are essential in obtaining a fixed quote as all self-builders wish to avoid extras. It’s not just about price though; you need to be comfortable with your choice of builder and feel you can communicate well with him. I always meet my clients on site to interview the best 2 / 3 builders prior to appointment to assist the client in making their final choice. Finally always ask your builder for at least two references.

Ian Watson
Project Coordinator