Glazing options


Contemporary aluminium windows and patio doors can be either double or triple glazed

Roof lanterns are becoming increasingly popular and are sometimes supplied with self-cleaning glass

Most all bar sliding sash windows have the glazing bars face fixed to the glass

Non-standard, purpose made windows and glazing can add individuality to a building


Our Materials Manager, Dan looks at the options for glazing your new home

When building your own home your choice of windows and patios is one of the key decisions you will make. There are so many types and styles to choose from but you also have options for the glazing itself. Single glazing was replaced many years ago by double glazed units which are now the most popular type of glazing. There is also the option of triple glazing but that is quite expensive and usually only specified in conjunction with Passive Principles. It’s not just how many layers of glass you can choose; there are options for the air space in between and the type of glass itself. Argon gas filled units are the most common but you can specify Xenon which gives enhanced thermal performance. Thermal efficiency can be further improved by applied coatings which reflect heat back into the building.

The main types of glass are plain float, laminated (for security) and toughened (for safety) all of which are available in clear, opaque or patterned. The most common double glazed units comprise two layers of 4mm glass with a 20mm air space but the panes can be thickened to 6mm to give enhanced acoustic performance. Other options are integrated blinds (manually or electronically operated) and self-cleaning glass.

Dan Mutti
Materials Manager