Knowing the planning rules

A typical old property ideal for replacement … but what would you be allowed to build?


Our Designer Beverley talks about the need to fully understand planning policies

“If you think you have found a potential building plot or an old property to demolish and replace you need to be aware of national and local planning policies. National Policy is fixed but Local Policy varies and it’s risky to make assumptions about what you can build or indeed if you can build”, says our Head of Design, Beverley. “The Planning Portals of Local Authority websites are a good starting point but, for the layperson, they can be something of a labyrinth with many sections and sub-sections; sometimes containing confusing and ambiguous information. You really need to know your way around the system. I often help out prospective plot buyers by carrying out a desk top assessment and giving them my honest opinion of the prospects of obtaining planning permission for what they are looking to build. If you are considering a building plot then call us or use our enquiry form and we’ll see what we can do for you.”

Beverley Pemberton
Head of Design