Masonry still first choice


Our Materials Manager Dan examines the popularity of modern masonry construction

Hi I’m Dan, Materials Manager at Design & Materials since 1986.

Over the years I’ve seen some important developments in masonry products. The two that, in my view, have had most impact on the end-user are solid upper floors (allowing solid walls throughout) and modern airtight, high-performance cavity insulation. Our clients tell us their new homes have that unmistakable ‘feel’ of quietness, comfort and permanence you only get with a solid structure. The minimum ‘U’ value with our system is 0.17 W/m²k but we can provide you with as low as 0.10 if that is what you’re looking for. As regards airtightness, clients’ recent air test results came between 0.8 and 2.5 m³ per second compared to the default setting of 15.0. Easy to see why masonry construction remains the first choice of not just our clients but many self-builders.

Dan Mutti
Materials Manager