Replacement dwellings on the increase

A period style replacement home with the ‘donor’ dwelling shown inset

A ‘2 for 1’ planning approval can make a replacement project virtually self-financing


Our Designer Beverley reports on the increasing number of replacement homes  being built

An ever increasing number of my clients are asking us to design a replacement dwelling, for example like the rural Georgian house opposite. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that good building plots are not that easy to come by. In fact in the South East of England 80+% of our projects are old for new. In certain planning situations it is possible to negotiate ‘2 for 1’ (see lower image opposite) which can make a project self-financing.

It’s not just the South East; replacement projects are also growing in popularity in property hotspots all around the country. Look around your area, you may see something suitable.

Beverley Pemberton
Head of Design