Our Fees

Because each self builder's requirement are different, it is difficult to be specific about fees until the extent of each project is properly understood.

There are 3 principle parts to our service:

1.  Design Studio

We tend not to use hourly rates or percentages of build cost, as our goal is to work with the customer to deliver the project. We offer a discounted rate which should work out at less than an Architect would charge.

2.  Project Co-ordination

Although this is dependent on the complexity and amount of work involved, once the principles of the scheme are agreed we can set out the amount.  This is incorporated into the Materials Package.

3.  Materials Procurement

The contractor would normally charge for this, but we include for it in our Materials Package.  It's a small percentage of the Materials cost, which reduces as the size of the project increases.

And don't forget that with the D&M Homes Package we will guarantee the price and quantities of the materials that we supply.